7/14 I've decided to have a theme for tomorrow's (7/15) queue - BtVS Tuesday! You have been warned. :)

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Morrigan: Of all the things I could have imagined would have resulted when Flemeth told me to go with you, the very last would have been that I would find in you a friend. Perhaps even a sister.
Me: *sobs for eight years*
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"We… are ridiculously awesome."

—Zevran (via dragon-age-quotes)
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Howl’s transformation by keerou

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isabela: i keep telling you, kitten, get a pair of proper boots. like mine!
merrill: i can’t, i just can’t. your boots go on forever, i’d get so lost in them. i’ve dropped marbles in them, they take an eternity to reach the bottom!
isabela: …that’s the reason I’ve been finding marbles in my boots?

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"As godfather to this child, I feel it is my duty to ask you to reconsider his middle name. Just… Just think about it, Harry."

—Neville Longbottom probably
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rough day but uh here’s fenris with bull horns, he can hang out with the antlered morrigan i drew 

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You’re not alone, Link!

Saria’s the one friend who recognized Link and I love her for it ;-;

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did they just

yes, they did

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are you ever looking at weird stuff on the internet and ur paranoid its going to end up on facebook somehow because facebook is connected to like everything

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We have our new duck.

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Okay but who else wants to see grey warden carver in inquisition I cant be the only one

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i like imagining that the reason zev won’t be in inquisition is that he’s on vacation with the warden in antiva and is trying desperately to keep every source of “tear in the veil”-related news away from them

like tackling people who are about to talk about the situation in orlais or randomly punching couriers 

literally having to use every assassin skill he’s ever learned to keep the warden from having to save the world again 

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